Thursday, November 26, 2009

U Turn?

Had a wonderful ride in the morning. From home to my dayjob. It was cold, it was foggy, and somehow, it reminded me of Cal. Home. Thoughts, that somehow, inevitably manage to bring a smile to my face! ALWAYS!

So it was, that with these thoughts of home in my mind, I turned on the radio, and caught them playing The Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway. And there was something in that sound, that totally managed to transport me back in time. Effortlessly. It was, as if, I had woken up, and found myself in class 3, Mrs. Meena Mukherjee's class. Alongside Rupak and Rupesh. Enthusiastic about life. Almost expectant. Happy.

Those of you who have followed these mindless rants of mine, are no stranger to my almost compulsive Pastophobia! Weird, because though I had a self confessed misspent youth, nothing really warrants such an extreme negative reaction towards the past. No jail term, no substance abuse charges, no parental discord, no illegitimate biological offsprings. And yet, something about the life gone by, makes me not want to look back at it, with any fondness, that most people my age feel. And everytime I come across someone who talks well of his past, it makes me feel weird. As if, a chunk of my own life disappeared into a coma or something!

So, when today I felt I had travelled back in time, I almost, involuntarily braced myself up for one of the heavier bouts of pastophobia to hit home. But surprisingly, it didn't. I didn't feel any remorse at spending time in class3 doing the things I did. None at all. Infact, I had this warm, good, happy feeling! Strange. Strange! This phenomenon definitely demanded further investigation. After all, its unnatural for RD to feel this way!

I warily started to walk down the proverbial memory lane. Tentative at first. Small little steps. Not overreaching. Not pushing my luck, over this surprisingly happy discovery, too far... And well, I was happy I did. Realized, there ARE parts of my life, that I wouldn't mind revisiting. Happy moments. Good times. And after all these years of believing that I couldn't have come up with a montage of Hey That's ME! That's ME! moments from the last 20 odd years, it was a positively enlightening realization. Really was. And before I relapsed into my usual self flagellating self, decided to document this unnatural phenomenon, to be remembered by RD Followers, into eternity...

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