Monday, May 25, 2009

Rains, Voices And My 2 Cents Worth

"I think its something about the water" - famous line spoken by a famous woman, on a hot Saturday afternoon, in a distant city. And that is what I found myself telling RD, last evening. The city is back to the "Vintage Bangalore" weather. Overcast in the morning, slightly sunny in the noon, drizzles in mid to late afternoon, rains in the evening, to climax into nice cool nights! If this isn't purrrfect, I don't know what is. Add to that, hot spicy piyanjis, strong Earl Grey, dependable friends, and never ending conversations. I wish things wouldn't ever change. (sigh)!

Ever since I was a kid, hovering around the stage, yearning to be in the limelight, trying hard to break out of the shadow of a Wannabe, I have been fascinated by people's Voices. I am struggling to find the right words to articulate my thoughts on this, but what I am trying to say is that people's voices play quite a major role in the impression that I form of them, in my mind. I may not admit it at a conscious level, because it sounds too frivolous, but I know, somewhere deep down, its true.

And so, when I heard this woman's voice, late last night, I was, to put it mildly, "charmed". It was surreal. Take a dollop of vanilla ice cream, and slowly pour a generous scoop of hot chocolate sauce over it. Now tell me how you feel. I was feeling the same, when I heard her speak. Or, imagine sitting around a fire in the middle of a cold lonely desert, you light up on your last cigarette, and the slow burning crackle that you hear when you pull on your first drag. The insane melody of that lone comforting sound was as close a parallel as I can think of, to her voice as it floated down the phone line. I felt like I was wading through pink, formless clouds, drifting along, floating along, following the sound of her voice. Not caring where, not worrying how. Just as long as that voice would go on speaking to me, soothing, caring, tantalizing, sometimes inviting, sometimes distant, but always tempting, always there, I could go to the moon and back, and not know about it.

Yes, "charmed" really is an understatement.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Showman

(This was a mail to Chi, on a boring workday)

Whoa! Had an awesome experience just a coupla moments back. You know, my day was coming along pretty bad. Bored with this guy who is training us, frustrated with the way things are shaping up with The Baby back home, irritated with my own lack of intelligence in solving simple problems.

Went out to the cafeteria for a cuppa (you wouldn't ever dare drink chai in Bangalore, it SUCKS). I have this thing about always occupying the last table, looking out of the windows, with my back to the rest of the world. Yeah, talk about being UnSocial! So, I was walking to the rear of the cafeteria, with my cup of coffee, and they started playing The Calling - Wherever You Will Go. Pata nahin, there's something about that song which gets my adrenaline pumping. For the next coupla minutes I was transformed into another world, Totally! I was looking outta the window (this is on the 10th floor of the building), banging my head, playing my air guitar, sipping my coffee, mouthing the lyrics, tapping my feet! It was magical. An extraordinary feeling, bang in the middle of a very ordinary environment. Awesome!

Unfortunately, the song got over soon. And as I turned back to face the mundane reality of my life, realised I had an amused audience of 5-6 people. The Drama Queen in me was too far gone by then, for any form of restraint. So, I gave them an elaborate bow! ;) It was freaky! They probably haven't met an RD in their whole lives! The ShowMan in me was grinning from ear to ear! ;)

Anyways, back now. Sitting here, doodling, looking blankly through the presentations, periodically nodding to the instructor without knowing what he's talking about. Gosh! What a contrast!