Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Raahein, My Road To Myself

What can you say about a bunch of guys, just out of college, with some starry dreams in their eyes, and some solid determination to achieve those lofty dreams? What can you say about the very same bunch of boys-next-door, who come grinning back one evening, and tell you that the first hurdle has been overcome?

I really don't know. And yet, I want to talk about these boys and what they are doing. Not because they are my friends. Not because its 'cool' to talk about folks doing something different. But, because I believe in their dreams. I love what they do. And I draw my inspiration from them.

There will be a host of others speaking about the movie. And I don't think I need to give lip service to something that is so good. So, let me just say, that Raahein, is just what it promises to be. Amateur cinema, at its very enthusiastic best. At its classiest. Don't watch it, so you could appreciate the effort put in by these young turks. But watch it instead, because you want to know, what Loneliness feels like. Watch it, so you could savour the bitter taste of being alone. Watch it, so you could start to love your life, just a little bit more.

Check them out here.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Re : Monsoon Music

Yes VG. I totally relate to how you feel when the rains pour down from the heavens above! ( Its almost like orgasmic pleasure. Unexplainable. Delightfully blissful. Magical...

I would love to sit in the balcony, rocking on my chair, with either a book (Fredrick Forsyth/Robert Ludlum types), a mug of steaming Bournvita within easy reach. If the book is not available, I won't mind tapping away on my lappie working on some Evolutionary Computing code snippets. Equally pleasurable! ;)

The music is 'obviously' playing (that goes without saying). However, my choice will be a little different. What the heck! Very different!

1. Colonial Cousins - Rain
2. Cat Stevens (assorted)
3. Elvis Presley (assorted)
4. Shubha Mudgal - Ab Ke Saawan
5. Anjan Dutta (assorted)6. Jagjit Singh (assorted)
7. Soundtrack of Metro, Cheeni Kum, The Train.

Yes, I think I could live with that! ;)