Monday, November 05, 2007

Silly Rhymes

Can't remember the exact date, but a coupla weeks back, was attending this session on NWDevStudio. First of all, I had no interest in the content. Secondly, the guy really had no skills to keep an audience interested. And somewhere in the middle of all that boredom, I wrote a coupla these silly lines.

RD is flying high, high in the sky,
For all to see, and wave goodbye.
Lonely skies, shiny stars,
Drifting along, like faceless cars.
Lost forever, here and gone,
Time to run away, time to reborn.

Life is dull, life is dead,
Too many folks, trying to run ahead.
Running in circles, round and round,
Stuck in the race, forever bound.
When's the time, for me to be Me,
Everyone keeps telling me, what I should be.
The voice inside, is drowning slowly,
Am tired of walking this path, all alone and lonely.