Wednesday, December 09, 2009

All Over Again!

The last two weeks or so, have been characterized by a very painfully apparent loneliness. No prizes for guessing, that this also coincided with D's London visit. Long hours of giggly, loud, happy telephone conversations were replaced by the drone of snoring. Excessive, or rather Obsessive (yes, that sounds more appropriate) flips of the phone to check for messages, have given way to utter apathy towards the same device. And I am hitting the Refresh button of my mail windows, atleast 95% fewer times! Welcome to my world of Long Distance Frrraandship, getting even longer.

But NO. This post is not about feeling lonely, or blue, or anything bad. On the contrary, this is about Hope. This is about the skip of my heartbeat, everytime I realize that its less than a week now. This is about the evil, presumptuous pleasure, of Anticipation.

Yes. Right now, there are very few things that are so constantly, totally, overwhelmingly running through my mind. And the idea of having D back to a more approachable and available location, is pretty high up, among them! Yes, I think I am just about ready to start getting to know D, all over again!

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